You want tech leadership.

Cut to the chase: I work with your existing team to get measurable, verifiable improvements in process and results; you don’t have to write status reports; and the cost nets out to one senior developer. If that’s interesting to you, let’s talk.

Most software development projects suck.

They take too long, go over budget, use way more people than is efficient, and end up being kind of unsatisfactory at the end. This is really frustrating because you know you’re hiring excellent people and because modern development platforms are really quite good. It shouldn’t be that hard!

But here we are. It’s actually that hard.

This is a thing I can help with. I’ve been doing this stuff for thirty (!) years. I’ve worked with a wild variety of people, projects, technologies, team types, and organizations. Ford and FedEx to a college buddy’s startup. Embedded to cloud.

Have you noticed how uncommon it is for business projects to fail anymore because the tech is too difficult? No. It’s always something else. Terrible specs, or no specs. Product owner not focused. Good programmers working in an unfamiliar problem space. Not enough time to do stuff right, resulting in everything taking much longer. No clear goal. Micromanagement.

You already have someone who manages the project. What you might not have is someone who’s seen scores of successes and failures; has kept up with modern development techniques; and is able to connect with junior and mid-level developers as a mentor, coach, teacher, and advisor.

In short, I’m not your project manager. I make your project manager look good. How does that work?

Take the next step—learn how projects go badly and what you can do about it.